1. Yeah, honestly Humble Eagles, I was watching the presentation, and I also thought that drawing pictures and sending it to your friend, so they get this weird buzz sensation sounded awkward. But then again, kids at the age of 8 and 9 think of Instagram much differently than I do. As crazy as this might sound, Instagram helps to build relationships in real time, even though they’re in close proximity to each other. When I grew up, it was all about Myspace, MSN, AOL and Yahoo Instant Messenger. The web was thought to be dangerous, so people would erect barriers and anonymous accounts against each other. But nowadays, you see kids huddling together at recess posting Instagram pics, and liking the pics, even though they’re sitting right next to each other. I guess, the Apple Watch just contextualizes it a little better, and throws in cool gizmos like smiley adjustments and heartbeats. I think they should have presented that part of the presentation with a pair of 9 year-olds, so all us “grown-ups” could follow along.
  2. Workers have returned a bag of hospital-bound blood and corralled a collection of artificial body parts, scooped engagement rings from the rails and reunited children with stuffed animals.